What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?


Modified atmosphere packaging is the practice of replacing the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package in order to retain freshness and to improve the shelf life. The modification process often replaces oxygen with a mix of inert gases and gases that can lower Ph and may slow or inhibit the growth of bacteria.


Current US design has 360° light curtain that is certified and fully compliant with all US OSHA regulations. Any specific safety requirement you may have such as mechanically or electronically locked guarding can be designed.

Where can I use your machines

MAPtech has a range of machines from the stand- alone unit suitable for a lab, test kitchen or a start-up up to a high speed machine which can be in-line or stand-alone to deliver substantial commercial volumes of sealed trays.

MAP machine footprint and design


Machines are all US manufactured and generally custom built to suit your layout and operational requirements. Typical designs for the T100 and T400 are shown elsewhere on the web page. Contact us and we can design a custom solution unit for you.


Automation Capability


Equipment can be manually loaded or seamlessly fit into a fully automated line with ancillary equipment such as metal detectors, labelers, weigh-checkers and case loaders.

Package material and size

Packages of virtually any shape and a large variety of sizes are easily accommodated in our machinery range. Contact our design office and we will evaluate your needs and recommend a solution that is perfect for you.

How do I know it will work

MAPtech not only has a dedicated design center where your package can be developed, we have exclusive partnerships with other entities that can insure the best gas mix is developed and the ideal lidding film is sourced or created. We also have cold room capability and a full range of test procedures to insure your unique package work first time and every time.

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