Bring your packaging dreams
to life with MAPtech

Bring your packaging dreams to life with MAPtech

We design, build and service customized Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Equipment that extends shelf life and freshness.

What is Modified
Atmosphere Packaging?

It is a process that removes ambient air from a container and replaces it with a combination of gases that are best suited to maximize the freshness and extend the shelf life of a particular product mix.

Want to discuss more about Modified Atmosphere Packaging
with a (MAP) Expert?

We enjoy our dedicated, comprehensive focus on MAP and using it to work with you as an individual to get something that fits exactly right.

Modified Atmosphere
Machine Design

We take responsibility for the entire packaging lifecycle.

We govern the machines, trays and lidding films
– All required to make Modified Atmosphere Packaging work.

Why Choose US?

Custom Solutions for
All Your Packaging

MAPtech handles package design, machine design and product testing

Refined MAP
Production Machines


Complete & Extensive
line of spare parts and

Reliable Partner from
Supplier to Client

Packaging Design
Concept to Completion

Rapid prototyping by our design team utilizing our in-house 3D printing capabilities

From Cocktail Napkin Sketch, to 3D model to a finished product.

Strong Supplier

Jennifer Pfuhl
President and CEO, MAPtech Packaging, Inc.