Jennifer Pfuhl Takes the Helm at Maptech Packaging, Inc.

Hilton Head Island, SC, November 1, 2017 – Maptech Packaging, Inc. and Champion Systems, Inc. are pleased to announce Jennifer Pfuhl as CEO and President. Jennifer recently assumed ownership of the companies from the Estate of her father, the late Guy Louis Foulke, Jr. “I am honored to carry on my father’s legacy.”

Also, she is proud to be working side by side with pioneers of the modified atmosphere  packaging industry, Mike Hartsel, Bob McPherson, and Nick Gosdin, who continue to innovate and refine MAP technology, which exchanges gases in a package to optimize the freshness and extend the shelf life of its contents.

Jennifer has a diverse background, with a BA in Anthropology and a BS in Communications (from the University of Texas at Austin) and an MBA (Colorado Technical University). She has worked in management and ownership roles in several industries, including medicine, health and wellness, and food and beverage.

“I am thrilled to lead a highly talented team in discovering new approaches to packaging. Maptech and Champion will continue to improve their customers’ manufacturing efficiencies, differentiate product on the shelf, maximize freshness, and offer end consumers the ultimate experience in quality and convenience,” Jennifer recently stated.

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Bring your packaging dreams to life with Maptech. Since 1998, we design, build and service customized Modified Atmosphere Packaging equipment that extends shelf life and freshness. Additionally, our film and packaging division allow us to integrate a solution to meet client needs. Experience in a variety of applications including produce and proteins (meat, poultry, and seafood).

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