Guy Foulke

Owner/ CEO of Champion Systems & MAPtech Packaging, LLC *1993-2013*

He was a 1968 graduate of Quakertown High School and attended Strayer University, Washington, DC for business administration. Guy began working as a service technician for packaging machinery and worked his way into sales and eventually into administration, serving as president for many prestigious food packaging companies. His 35 years of experience and entrepreneurial spirit led him to foster the growth of many successful companies.

As one of the mavericks of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and packaging technologies. Guy opened Champion Systems, LLC in 1993 to provide consulting services to businesses that utilize food packaging equipment as well as to facilitate a company’s acquisition of the actual equipment. In 1998, Guy formed another packaging company, MAPtech Packaging, LLC that was formally a U.S. distribution company for World Class Packaging Systems, founded by Michael Gorlich. MAPtech was formed with the mission of exploring and testing new ways to package perishable foods. Guy Foulke lived from 1950 to 2013 and his legacy will be remembered through his entrepreneurial spirit, visionary leadership, and selfless support of many local charities.

Michael Gorlich

Owner/ CEO of World Class Packaging Systems. *1992-2000*

Michael Gorlich was another of the visionaries who helped develop the new style of food packaging called Modified Atmosphere Packaging and was a leading consultant for many prestigious food packaging companies in this field. He held many U.S. and foreign patents for Packaging and Packaging machinery.

He founded World Class Packaging Systems in 1992, which developed some of the most advanced modified atmosphere packaging machinery available. These designs are still admired as a bench-mark in the industry. He lived from 1941 to 2005 and will be remembered for his contributions and advancements in the food packaging industry.

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