MAP technology

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging? Technology has evolved enough to offer a great number of improvements for the food industry. For instance, when it comes to fresh produce or meat, one of the problems you can often find yourself against is reduced shelf life. This characteristic of these types of food would make you have to consume them shortly after…
How Does Modified Atmosphere Packaging Protect Food? Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a process that can change the way both food consumers and suppliers look at fresh food. Eating healthy is good for everyone, however, the reduced shelf life of (most) fresh products could easily serve as a barrier for people trying to change their eating habits. This problem…
Why Modified Atmosphere¬†Packaging? Today’s families are rejecting fast food meals and overly-processed food in favor of fresh, wholesome ingredients. Terms like farm-to-table” and “clean living” are making their way into our hearts as well as our homes. Thankfully, the food industries have followed suit and can offer¬†freshness to consumers tables through the use of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology….

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